René Jean Rinaldi

The design office consists of a team of professionals who bring construction or renovation projects to life, working in close collaboration with specialist architects. Each member of the team is passionate about their work and offers the benefit of their experience and know-how. Known for our designer decorations, they are open to any dialogue to achieve the right work for each client.

Édouard-Jean Rinaldi leads a creative and dynamic team of experts in each field. In partnership with the DPLG architects of the French Riviera, we propose to carry out construction, renovation or extension work within the deadlines set.

They demonstrate professionalism and rigour in the execution of construction or renovation work. They ensure that their actions are coordinated for the success of the final project. They encourage exchanges and the sharing of know-how. They provide 3D plans to help with interior design.

Concerned with the satisfaction and success of the internal or external project, they monitor the work and ensure that it is carried out in the best possible conditions.

Within the design office, there is a team of professionals who are competent and reliable in their field (partner architects, designers, building economists, etc.).

To offer a quality service, they work closely with passionate and experienced architects. The rest of the team consists of designers, computer graphics, draughtsmen, building economists and project managers.

Each member of the team works together to make each project a complete success (construction, renovation, planning permission, design, etc.) Professionalism, rigour, quality and creativity are their watchwords.


R-HOUSE DESIGN 150 Av. du Golg 06250 Mougins
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