Luca Menardi Ruggeri

Originally from Cortina d’Ampezzo, he graduated from the IUAV in Venice.

From his studio in Cortina, he is mainly responsible for architectural renovation work on mountain buildings, following the entire design process, from the architectural part of the project, to the supervision of works on projects often involving the restoration or recovery of historic buildings, right up to the proposal of custom-made furnishings in every detail. The aim is to preserve and enhance the typical typology of the Dolomites and Cortina with a modern language that always aims to preserve a link with the territory through the use of materials that determine historical value. The use of antique wood in a modern key is one of the key elements in the furnishings he proposes.

He has also worked on the restoration of historic buildings in prestigious locations such as Portofino or the historic centres of various Italian cities.

In recent years, he has been deepening his thinking by turning his attention to the hospitality sector, and has created projects for hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

Pian da Lago, 45/A – Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL)