About Us

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Visma Contract is an Italian company based in Sarcedo (near Venice, Italy) and is part of Visma Group, boasting over 30 years experience in manufacturing modern furniture for hotels and apartments.

The group have 8,000 m2 of showrooms in Italy divided into: production and exhibition of kitchens, residential furniture and hotel rooms.


The experience we have gained over the years enables us to attain high professionalism and adroitness through which we are easily able to understand the needs of our customers and the market in which we operate. We boast the unparalleled ability to develop the best solutions to meet our customers’ expectations in of terms of design, durability, quality and price.


Our staff is extremely qualified and will support the client and their architects from the design phase onwards. Throughout this initial phase we will pay very close attention in order to interpret the needs of our clients, which is the fundamental basis with which we will achieve the best furnishing concept for a custom made project.


Besides its furniture lines (Young, Trendy, Elegant, Vintage) Visma Contract is able to design and produce any type of modern tailor made furniture. Our attention to detail provides our customers with ever-young furniture and very long lasting solutions. Our furniture creates an atmosphere that bears witness to the endless elegance achieved by an environment designed to welcome guests in the most comfortable way possible.


The thirty years in the industry have provided us with the experience and effectiveness required to develop tailor-made furniture designed and manufactured in Italy as desired by the client and their architect. The quality of materials used is of the latest generation and CE certified, which ensures the durability of our furniture. The unique design of many of our modern furniture lines is known throughout the world.
Our assembly phase is “inarguably” our greatest strength. Our specialists are able to insure meticulous assembly for every project, which is fundamental to our service and to the durability of our furniture. We believe our strengths to be the key to ensuring a successful project.